Fossil Free Investments at National Bank

National Bank of Canada has yet to bring fossil free investment products to its branches, but has started to offer fossil-free bond ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Read on to find fossil-free investment products through National Bank. This is solely a directory and not financial advice.

In Branch

Balanced fossil-free investment options are not offered at National Bank branches, unless if you are a private wealth client. The only fossil-free mutual fund is the NBI Science and Technology Fund, which exclusively invests in those sectors. If you are looking to invest in a balanced portfolio in-person, you will need to look for an independent advisor or one at another financial institution.


National Bank Investments manages five exchange traded funds marked as sustainable, three of which are marked as fossil-free:

The Sustainable Canadian and Global Equity ETFs do not include any fossil fuel companies in their top 25 holdings, but National Bank would not confirm over email if the remaining holdings were free of fracked gas distributing utility companies.

National Bank Direct Brokerage also allows the purchase of all exchange traded funds listed on our ETF Portfolios and Specialized ETFs pages. Note that this offering does not include financial guidance.

Last Updated: May 16, 2022

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