Fossil Free Investments with Desjardins

In 2020, Desjardins announced that it would divest from fossil fuels in its SocieTerra brand of mutual funds, amid pressure from environmental activists. Two years later, Desjardins introduced its first SocieTerra ETF. More information on their selection process can be found here. This is solely a directory and not financial advice.

In Branch

The SocieTerra Cleantech Fund and SocieTerra Environment Fund are not completely fossil-free due to their holdings of a oilfield services provider and fracked gas utility. These holdings no longer appear in the top ten for the funds, but the funds will not be added until Desjardins publishes their annual list of all fund holdings. Due to these two funds, we aren't showing mutual fund portfolios through Desjardins.


Disnat, the direct investing platform by Desjardins, allows the purchase of the mutual funds above and exchange traded funds listed on our ETF Portfolios and Specialized ETFs pages. Note that this offering does not include financial guidance. In 2022, Desjardins introduced an ETF version of its SocieTerra American Equity offering, which trades on the TSX as DSAE. The Desjardins RI Global Multifactor - Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETF does not meet our criteria due to its inclusion of fossil fuel distributors.

Last Updated: February 16, 2022

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