Fossil Free Investments at BMO Bank of Montreal

BMO offers a number of mutual funds under their sustainability banner, but only some of them are fossil-free. Like the other big-five banks in Canada, BMO continues to be a major financer of fossil fuel expansion projects. This is solely a directory and not financial advice.

In Branch

Of the big-five banks in Canada, BMO offers the most options for investing fossil-free in a branch. Only four of the eight funds they mark as sustainable are fossil-free, so be sure to note the fund name differences:

The BMO Clean Energy ETF Fund, BMO Sustainable Global Balanced Fund, BMO Sustainable Opportunities Canadian Equity Fund and BMO Sustainable Opportunities China Equity Fund are not fossil-free. Although they contain less fossil fuel assets than conventional funds, they hold equity in fracked gas utilities.


BMO InvestorLine Self-Directed allows the purchase of exchange traded funds listed on our ETF Portfolios and Specialized ETFs pages. Their direct investing platform collects a fee per trade. Note that this offering does not include financial guidance. BMO SmartFolio and InvestorLine adviceDirect do not offer fossil-free options.

*These funds have placed significant assets towards some of the largest fossil-financing banks.

Last Updated: December 13, 2021

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