Fossil Fuel Free Funds in Canada

Is your money fueling the climate crisis? Browse Canadian mutual funds and exchange traded funds that are omit fossil fuel companies.

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Investment Types

Mutual Funds

If you want to work with an advisor at your bank, mutual funds are likely your main option. They typically have higher fees but those cover your advisor's salary. Most are actively managed, meaning that the fund manager advocates for better ESG practices while also trying to outperform market returns. Mutual Fund Portfolios > Specialized Mutual Funds >


If you want lower fees while not having to rebalance your portfolios, robo-advisors do the work of investing in a balanced ETF portfolio for you based on your risk preference and also let you meet with an advisor online. Wealthsimple Invest's Socially Responsible Option is currently the only fossil-free robo-advisor offering in Canada Visit Wealthsimple's Website >

TSX-Listed Exchange Traded Funds

If you would prefer to invest on your own through a direct investing platform, exchange traded funds provide an option, typically with the cheapest fees. These funds all contain a screening to exclude fossil-fuel companies and use other ESG factors, but are typically often to follow market performance ex-fossil fuels. ETF Portfolios > Specialized ETFs >

Wondering if your savings account or GIC/term deposit is fossil free? View the directories at or Banking on a Better Future to find out.

Looking for impact investments? Most impact investment offerings in Canada are either limited to high net-worth individuals, have a higher risk than public markets or are community-specific. We don't yet have a directory for these offerings. You can check with your local credit union or community foundation to see if they have any options.

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